Unlock you Taekwondo skills with WTMCG!

Learn Taekwondo techniques and Korean terms faster than before.
  • Have you just started World taekwondo? Do you want to prepare for a Taekwondo exam?
  • You have a taekwondo school and want to give your new customers a great starter present?
  • Are you already teaching and you know how hard it is to teach Korean techniques terms?

World Taekwondo Memory Card Game

Memorize the position of the cards and win the game by collecting correct pairs!

As a Taekwondo beginner:
Learn the basic World Taekwondo techniques and names by playing suited for all ages.

For advanced students preparing for a World Taekwondo belt test:
Prepare and repeat the names of techniques

For Masters and Trainers and World Taekwondo Club owner:
When someone starts a new hobby, he/she wants to buy accessories! This card game is the perfect present for beginners.

World Taekwondo Memory Card Game

A game for the whole family

The wonderful card game “World Taekwondo Memory Card Game” with motifs suitable for children not only reminds many parents of their childhood, but also promotes memory and concentration of your child and helps you to learn the basic positions, terms and forms of Korean martial arts.


World Taekwondo Memory Cards

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