About me


My name is GM. Jae-Hyong Kim. I do have the 6th DAN in World Taekwondo.
I am a second generation Korean Taekwondo master living in Vienna.  (Austria / Europe)

My father, Grandmaster Choung Kwan Kim 10th DAN (U 27.05.2019) was national trainer and technical director in Turkey and Austria.
Grandmaster Kim Jong-Rok 9th DAN is also my uncle.

I worked in the IT industry, but decided to make my hobby to my occupation. I have been teaching Taekwondo to young and old people for many years now.

I’m sure you know how difficult it is to teach Korean terms to students.
This “World Taekwondo Memory Card Game” will help you to achieve it

Great for clubs to give out as welcome presents or for your next belt test.

stay healthy and have fun with it